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Working together we can make world a better place.

Real Shift’s main purpose is to contribute in ensuring a green economy for South Africa. Our dedicated team carries out essential operations on a day to day basis so as to contribute to South Africa’s green economy vision. We are also involved empowering South Africans through various employment opportunities which in turn brings livelihood to the communities.

Our Mission

  • To provide and facilitate transfer of technical expertise and up-skilling and empowering communities.
  • Create sustainable jobs.
  • Become a reliable recycling business operation through service excellence, by meeting specific client needs and client satisfaction in a professional manner; with cost-effective and good quality standards with regards to processed recycled products and waste solutions.

Our Vision

  • To provide innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly waste management solutions.
  • Reduce waste at landfill sites, reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.
  • Self-empowerment through strategic business support and creation of new business ventures with continuous technical expertise support, and mentoring.

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Plastic Bottles (PET)

Plastic bottles are a danger to our environment and as such should be recycled. Plastic bottles are not biodegradable but over time the chemical components in plastics break down and release toxic chemicals into the environment.

Crates (PP)

Crates are made of a chemical called Polypropylene (PP) which is the most popular plastic packaging material. Only a small percentage is recycled, which means most of it is headed for the landfill. Like plastic bottles, crates are very harmful to the environment over time and need to be recycled.

White Paper (HL1)

We collect all types of paper and cardboard for recycling. Paper recycling is important to the environment because there is a reduction in release of harmful chemicals used in paper manufacturing process into the air. By recycling paper, deforestation is decreased significantly.

Together We Can Make A Difference

Partner with us

Partner with Real Shift NPC in facilitating a green economy in South Africa through sustainable agriculture and waste management projects. This will help enable sustainable environmentally friendly economic and employment growth.